1976 MG Midget in good working order - ready to drive

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Tan
Number of Cylinders:4
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This is Nigel, my Midget. I've driven it for seven years, many of thoseas my daily driver. It's mechanically and cosmetically sorted, andalthough it's not a show car, it runs well and reliably. Structuralproblem areas for these cars like the rockers, A-pillars, suspensionmounts and underbody, are all solid and rust-free.

This is a MK IV "rubber bumper" Midget, which has the Triumph 1500engine. I've taken the bumpers off, which makes it look like the earlierstyle Midgets. It's not as rev-happy as the earlier BMC A-seriesengines, but it has more torque down low, which makes this car a joy todrive around in-town. Typical of all Midgets, which are four-speedmanual without overdrive, it gets a bit buzzy at American Interstatespeeds, but shines at moderate speed on twisty roads. You'll findyourself seeking out lonely back roads, secondary, and surface streetsjust for the sheer fun of getting to your destination!

The heater works great, and is snug and comfortable in the coldest weather.

The convertible top has been recently replaced, as have wearablecomponents like the brakes, hoses, and bearings. Midgets are easy tomaintain and work on, have a friendly and active community ofenthusiasts, and loads of replacement and restoration parts areavailable from several sources in the aftermarket.

This Midget has been mildly customized, all of which can be easilyreversed if you want to bring it back to stock. Unlike many classic andsports cars, modifications do not appreciably affect the value ofMidgets, and most owners like to personalize their cars. In addition toits appearance, I have removed many unnecessary systems (most of whichwere tacked on to the original design to meet Federal regulations at thetime,) to make this simple car even simpler.

Take a good look at the pictures. There are more annotated pictures atmy Photobucket account, which you can see by cutting and pasting thisaddress into your browser:Ask any questions and I'll answer them as best I can.

The odometer is five-digit, and there's no way to tell how many actualmiles are on the car. Most of the systems have doubtless been rebuilt bythis point in the car's life, but in my opinion it drives like a carwith well under 100Kit seems closer to 50K to me, and the enginefeels closer to 20K on a rebuild. It doesn't leak, burns no oil, thevalve tolerances have never drifted, and so on.

To give as complete a picture of this car as possible, here's a completelist of the modifications, the good points, and the bad points. It'sprobably a case of too much information, but again, I want to bescrupulously honest to those who are interested.

Modifications to engine from stock:

-High energy coil w/o ballast
-Bosch platinum plugs
-Pierce manifold
-Weber DGV carburettor w/ manual choke
-Lucas 25D distributor w/ Pertronix electronic ignition (vacuum advance disabled)
Original Zenith Stromberg carb and intake manifold are included if you want them.

Modifications to exterior:

-Lucas-style fender mounted mirrors
-Convertible top with zip-out rear window for flow-through ventilation in summer
-Rostyle wheels painted all black with stainless trim rings
-Lower rockers painted body color
-Rubber bumpers removed - can be replaced; mounting points remain.
-Stock front markers mounted in fenders. Original rubber bumpers and front markers are included if you want them.
-Front side markers "shaved"
-Early style grille (attached to front bumper mounts.)
-Fillers under taillights (removable to re-mount rear bumper)

Modifications to interior:

-Color changed from black to camel throughout (using SEM vinyl dye)
-Closely-tailored custom carpet made and installed using only snaps-- no glue, for easy removal. Can be used for new patterns if desired.
-Fire extinguisher mounted, with matching carpeting.
-Headrests removed and holes in seats plugged with matching vinyl inserts. Original headrests are included if you want them.
-Rear-view mirror is a low-mount early style that attaches to the windscreen tie rod.
-Glovebox lined with camel-color faux suede.
-Custom center console, (easily changed back to stock if desired:)radio and speaker holes blanked, clock installed, map light relocatedfrom top to bottom of console. EGR light removed.

Modifications to electrical:

Limited to general streamlining -- disconnection and/or removal ofunneeded subsystems to simplify future troubleshooting. Most bypassedsystems are the Federally mandated warning and emission systems thatwere tacked onto the original design.

-EGR service interval counter and warning light
-Running-on control valve
-Brake pressure shuttle switch and warning light
-Time delay buzzer
-Handbrake switch
-Door lamp switches
-Seat belt switch and warning light
-Ignition buzzer switch

-Panel lamp switch - removed, because who wants Lucas gauges to be any dimmer?
-Windscreen washer - disconnected; washer motor inoperative andnever used anyway. Washer switch has been repurposed as horn switch.

Modifications to Federal emission control components:
Commonly called desmogging -- be aware if you live in a state that requires original emissions equipment on classic cars.

-Running-on control valve removed (however, the gas tank evaporative system is still intact and functioning)
-AIR manifold, AIR pump, and associated valves and hoses removed
-AIR manifold ports plugged at head
-Hot air hose, valve, and air cleaner box removed
-EGR inoperative and valve lines removed
-EGR counter bypassed with one-piece speedometer cable
-Catalytic converter removed
-Distributor flame trap removed
-OPUS electronic distributor removed (replaced with 25D)
-Zenith Stromberg carburettor removed (replaced with Weber)


Being a Midget, there's a list of minor things to get to eventually.Existing problems are all minor, and easy for an amateur wrencher to fixif you want while continuing to enjoy driving. Point being, this isn't afully restored car, but sorted enough to be attractive, fun, anddependable.

There is rust in the battery tray, behind the heater box. This is acommon problem with Midgets, and easily fixed in several ways:
-You can cut out the rust, purchase an exact replacement tray from the aftermarket, and weld it in.
-You can custom make a patch out of diamond plate or sheet steel, and rivet it in place or use auto body adhesive.
-You can paint over the rust with POR, cut a piece of plywood to size, and drop it in place.
-You can live with it as-is.
The window channel felts are aftermarket, and thicker than standard,making the windows very stiff to roll up and down. Likewise, theaftermarket windscreen top seal is too thick.
The front valance is dented; it looks like it had hit a curb at somepoint. On the MK IV Midget, the valance is welded in place, instead ofjust bolted on like the earlier models. Replacements are available inthe aftermarket.
The gearshift retainer was originally plastic, and usually breaks withage. I have replaced mine with a large cotter pin to retain thegearshift, and this fix has worked fine for me. The pin is hidden underthe gaiter and shifts normally.
The seats have rip and patch repairs in places. Replacement original-style seat covers are available in the aftermarket.
The gearshift gaiter is worn at its upper end, and the knob isaftermarket. Gaiters are available in the aftermarket, or the originalcan be used as a pattern for replacement.
The interior dye is wearing through in places with frequent contact;around the crank handles, on the panel adjacent to the acceleratorpedal, around the ignition lock, under the rear view mirror, etc. I willinclude several spray cans of SEM Camel vinyl dye for you to touch upthese areas if you want.
The horn button contact ring is plastic and has broken with age. I havere-routed the horn contacts to the windscreen washer switch at the endof the stalk. This was intended to be only a temporary fix, but it worksgreat! I can wave at another approaching MG driver, steer, and toot thehorn at the same time without fumbling with the horn button! It's alleasily reversible to original if you want, but try it out first!

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